How it Works


Whether it’s in the office, home or trotro keep the trash. It would add up to your TrashCash wallet. Make sure to empty the content of all cans, bottles and sachets and keep them in a in an enclosed container or plastic bag. Keep at as much of the recycables you can store before sending it to the collection point or handing it over to any of our collectors. REMEMBER: You must mark your plastic bag with your TrashCash ID.


The vendors/collectors would inspect and receive your recyclables.You would receive a notification after your account is credited within  8 days.

TIP: If you do not have a permanent marker at home, a collector would do the marking for you when presenting it. Keep your Trashcash ID where you can refer to it.


After you accumulate at least 50 points you can redeem cash, airtime or shopping vouchers. You can choose to donate your points to support regular clean-up exercise TrashCash volunteers organize.