Step 1- Keep your trash

Whether it's in the office, home or trotro keep the trash. It would add up to your TrashCash wallet. Make sure to empty the content of all cans, bottles and sachets and keep them in a in an enclosed container or plastic bag. Keep at least 1kg of each type of waste before sending it to the collection point or any of our collectors.

Step 2- Find a TrashCash center or collector

We are establishing collection points at community grocery shops, provision shops, and major transit points in cities. The vendors/ collectors would inspect and weigh sorted recyclables after which they would credit it to your account.You would receive a notication after your account is credited.

Step 3- Redeem your points for cash or other incentives

Option One: Your accumulated points can be used to redeem items such as mobile phones, fridge, television,power bank and other household appliances.

Option Two: Your accumulated points can also be used to redeem cash through mobile money.

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